Hello, I'm Sagar

A Software Engineer                  and A Weekend Hacker

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Hi there

I am a Software Engineer
at EMC Corporation, India. I have strong passion for anything related to
Application Development, machine learning and NLP.

You can find some stuff in my resume.

What I do

Application Development and Machine Learning

This is my primary field of interest. I like building Web Apps on Python Frameworks such as Flask and Web2py I love performing Data Analysis with Python [Numpy, Scipy and Pandas]. Also I am deeply interested in core Natural Language Processing.

An avid Hacker

I absolutely love hacking on weekends, so you can easily find me in one of the Hackathons.I have attended some fifteen odd hackathons and Won Three of them I am also a Open Source Contributer and Enthusiast.

Machine Learning and Big Data

Machine Learning is my present and I would like to believe it would be my future.Building Recommendation Engines from scratch interests me and I recently entered the Big Data Ecosystem .

My World

Besides all this, I love playing Basketball ,reading, blogging, Biking . And did I mention, Beer !! So if you would like, I would be happy to catch a Bud with you .

What I've done

BloodTrail | Winner of YOURSTORY MOBILESPARK Hackathon 2015

A web/android Application called "BloodTrail" which provides an online platform for Blood Donors and Users in need of Blood to quickly contact and donate blood in moments of emergency through a geolocation populated map and noxmo powered automated call.

RTPI (Right To Provide Information) | Winner of YOURSTORY TECHSPARK Hackathon 2014

RTPI (Right To Provide Information), enables users across the globe to track the progress of grass root level development of government projects online with the help of crowd sourced images. RTPI uses the data from the World Bank and builds up a timeline for geo tagged images.

Train Tracker | Winner of Best Technical Hack , Yahoo Hack India 2013

An web based application to fetch out the necessary real-time information( train info, distance from destination, previous station, next station, emergency numbers,etc) about the running train , just by entering the PNR number.


A python Package that parses, scrapes, and summarizes a Wikipedia Article. Technologies: Python, BeautifulSoup, Natural Language Processing(nltk), Scraping

Mini Search Engine

Built an efficient mini search engine working around raw Wikipedia data (including indexing and ranking of the pages). Technologies – C++, Python.

For complete reference of my projects, kindly refer my github profile at Aigeano

Skills and Experience

C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Bash
MySql, Hbase
Linux, Windows
Web Scraping, NLP, Machine Learning, Data Analysis
Git , Mercurial

Are you interested

Whether you have an interesting project or just want to say hi, feel free to shoot me a message.

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